Now New Macbooks Are Going To Be Great Gaming Machines

So… it’s like driving your sedan to go wild off the road. No?


Lots of people would love to play the latest PC games, but the expense of maintaining a gaming rig capable of playing the latest games leaves plenty of potential gamers out cold. It’s worse if you’re a Mac user. I don’t need to tell you that your gaming options are sad and pathetic.

Nvidia wants to change that with its expanded GeForce Now service. Nvidia originally launched the service for it’s Shield set top box to give the system a larger library of video games. Nvidia basically created a cluster of high-end gaming PC that lives in the cloud and that gamers can rent directly from Nvidia and control remotely from their own device. Earlier this week Nvidia announced that the service was being expanded and coming to the PC and Mac.


Strictly speaking, this concept isn’t new. A few years ago, cloud gaming was poised to be the next…

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